About Us

How did this crazy dream get started?

This brain child is the property of Mr. McVegas.

Mr. McVegas, soon to be named Dr. McVegas, became aware of his "special gift" at a young age. Realizing he was blessed with the Burns luck. This luck renders him near impenetrable to bad luck induced situations, and has saved his ass from many crazy decisions.

When it was evident that no one could win against Vegas, and more specifically against Mr. McVegas, the plan began to develop games that were in the players favor. He realized that in a tournament situation where players are competing against each other, it’s OK (and more fun) if everyone has better odds than house as long as everyone has an equal advantage. This means everybody wins.*

*Note: Legally, we must stress that not everybody wins.

Mr. McVegas

Do not look directly at the McVegas. You could go blind, or at least see spots for a few hours.

Mrs. McVegas

Once a showgirl, she caught his eye and has had a hold on it every since.