There is an optional $2 side bet that any one can make. This includes guests at the event who are not players that evening and, at Tom’s discretion, folks can even call in their side-bet.

Season 6 Results:

Season.Game Sidebet Guess Margin Winner
6.1 $77,001 593,201 Bill
6.2 $77,500 17,200 Rupert
6.3 $71,717 6,308 Rob
6.4 $169,696 21,954 Mike C.


Season 5 Results:

Season.Game Sidebet Guess Margin Winner
5.1 $39,450 4,276 Mark
5.2 $40,400 2,000 Bill
5.3 $36,421 3,229 Cliff
5.4 $44,322 27,403 JoAnn
5.5 $56,850 7,125 Lauren
5.6 $50,367 1,508 Jessie
5.7 $52,701 424 Cliff (TOC Entry)

Additional seasons available on request.

Best guess is in TOC

At the end of the season, the person with the winning side bet that is closest to the actual final chip count and who is not already qualified will win a complimentary seat at the Tournament of Champions.

Price of Right rules are in effect

Each side-bettor enters a guess of the amount of the winner’s final chip count. The side-better with the closest guess without going over wins the side bet pot at the end of the evening.