What's new this season?

Each game in season 6 will have one or more unique twists that will make the play for that evening distinctive. The twists will probably not be revealed until the day of the game, but might be announced in advance on the Casino McVegas website. The twists might be tweaks to the rules for the evening, additions of special bonus rounds, changes to the way games are selected, changes to the game catalog, additions of extra mechanics (examples of these from past seasons include coupons, multiplier tokens, and the magical mystery draw), and much much more. Each game in Season 6 promises to be its own special adventure. (NOTE: See ‘Crazy Hippie Play’ note about twists in the Tournament of Champions section below).

Other Notes

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a wee bit of “fine print” in place that explains some of our nuttier game mechanics, resolves questions, discourages shenanigans, and maximizes our time for having much fun and drinking many cocktails:

Ready to get started?

Get familar with the games. Each game is explained before we start play, but you can learn the finer points by reviewed the full rules.

Coming soon!

Demos and visual aids to help you understand the games. Send an email to get on the distribution for when these are available.